Android, Kotlin free resources

Here is a list of some free Android, Kotlin resources to help you learn from beginner to job ready.

SoloLearn Kotlin Course


Kotlin Koans

Codewars Kotlin Challenges

Android basics Kotlin course

Philipp Lackner YouTube channel


Ryan M. Kay YouTube channel

Google’s Android courses and CodeLabs

Video Representation of Google’s Fundamentals course

Video Representation of Google’s Advanced course

Jetpack Compose

I think it can be very difficult to learn without the structure University’s provide. But what can be done I find works for me, is do something similar to what they do. They teach materials and then you have an assignment on what you learnt, and go over what you learnt to complete you own project, therefore having to understand it.

One thing I have found myself, is what has been called tutorial hell, where you just go from one tutorial to another and not grasping what you have learnt. You need to create a little project after you have gone through a tutorial, or alter little things in that project you followed, or add things to it, so that you are going into the code and experimenting and understanding as you make those changes.

Another mistake I made was changing paths. Pick your path and stick to it, they are all hard. Whether it be Web Development, Android, IOS, whatever, stick to it, it will be very difficult, but you can do it, you just need lots of practice and perseverance. Don’t give up when it gets hard or boring, that’s how you won’t progress or ever succeed. There’s a saying “It’s not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall”